Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I request a Certificate of Attendance?  If you have already requested a certificate of attendance while at ECIR 2017, you should receive the certificate by email this week.  If you'd like to request one now, please email cpdservices@abdn.ac.uk
  2. How can I request a receipt?  If you requested a receipt while at ECIR 2017, it will get emailed to you this week.  If you'd like to request one now, please email cpdservices@abdn.ac.uk
  3. What is included in my registration fee? ECIR 2017 registration fees include attendance at the conference from Monday to Thursday but does not include attendance at the Conference Banquet on the Tuesday evening.  Tickets for this can be purchased separately along with any additional tickets for family and friends.  
  4. I still haven't received my registration acknowledgement, invoice, or joining instructions This is likely to be false identification of the email message as spam.  Please ensure the emails have not gone into your spam folder.  Please also ensure that the email address @abdn.ac.uk and @rgu.ac.uk are known as safe senders on your computer.  Acknowledgements - Registration acknowledgement emails will be sent out in due course if you have registered to pay by invoice.  If registration has been done online paying by credit or debit card, the email acknowledgement will be automatic, so within a few hours at most.  If you registered by sending us an email or fax, this can take up to 21 working days.  Invoices - will be processed by order they were received and if your organisation is already set up on our finance system, the invoice will be sent to the accounts payable email address.
  5. What arrangements are in place for handling my invoice? If you have registered by sending us a registration document by email or fax, you will receive an acknowledgement email to your registered email address, and your registration will be processed by the order it is received, and you will be invoiced in due course.  If your organisation is already set up on our finance system, the invoice will be sent to the accounts payable email address.
  6. I need to apply for a visa for travel.  Can you please send me an invitation letter? Should you require an invitation letter to the conference for visa purposes, please register and pay to attend the conference in the first instance so that confirmation can be used as evidence of attendance, then email cpdservices@abdn.ac.uk stating your:
    • full name as it appears on your passport
    • date of birth
    • place of birth
    • passport number
    • passport issue date
    • passport expiry date
  7. When will I receive Joining Instructions or a Welcome Letter?  These will be sent out on Friday 24th March 2017, and will give details of travel in around and how to get to the venues, as well as other useful pieces of information such as how to upload presentations and hang posters, details of proceedings etc.
  8. How do I get from Aberdeen International Airport to the AECC? The quickest and most convenient way to travel is by taxi, costing approximately £15-20.  There is the option however to get the Jet 727 bus from the airport to Aberdeen Bus Station, then get another bus from here to the AECC (Ellon, Balmedie, Peterhead, Fraserburgh buses).  This is the most cost effective way, especially when buying a weekly bus pass for the duration of the conference.
  9. How do I get from Aberdeen International Airport to Aberdeen City Centre?   There are numerous ways to get from the airport to the city centre, see our Aberdeen Travel page for more details.
  10. How to I get from Aberdeen City Centre to RGU? The Robert Gordon Campus is located at a beautiful riverside location within the Garthdee area, south of Aberdeen, accessible on the numbers 1 and 2 First Bus service (both these buses also service the AECC and allow use of the Grasshopper bus passes).  See further details of how to get here and campus life at RGU.
  11. My hotel is in the city centre, what is the best method of transportation in and around Aberdeen? For those staying in the city centre, you would be best getting a weekly bus pass called a Grass Hopper ticket (available on the Stagecoach bus from Aberdeen airport).  This would allow you transportation to/from the airport and city centre, and again from the city centre to/from the AECC on all Stagecoach or First busses.  There is a bus station at Union Square in Aberdeen which can give you all bus times and numbers.  Any bus heading to Ellon, Balmedie, Peterhead or Fraserburgh will stop at the AECC.
  12. What is the dress code? The dress code for the conference will be smart/casual.  We encourage those attending the conference banquet to dress smartly (some may even wear their kilts!).
  13. Is there free wifi at the AECC? Yes, there are a limited number of free wifi passes.